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Have you experienced Core Wound Healing™ before?

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If yes, how many wounds have you healed using this method?

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Why are you applying to become certified?

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What are your goals, dreams, and desires? How does becoming a Certified Core Wound Healer™ tie into them? Please be as detailed as possible.

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Do you feel called to focus on helping people heal in a certain life area? (Examples: addiction, recovery, sexual trauma, PTSD, marriage, divorce, parenting, etc). This is not required but we would love to hear if you do. :)

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Our certification is a 6-month process and does follow a timeline. If accepted, are you willing to commit to an investment of time to following the program as laid out, within the time frame we have set?

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The financial investment into your certification is $21,000. A payment plan is available if needed. Are you ready and willing to invest in yourself at this level?

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Do you have any questions about the certification program?

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